G-Force Laser Tag

G-Force Tactical Laser Tag and Archery Tag at Independence!

Independence and G-Force Karts have partnered to bring an entirely unique experience to the Southside: Outdoor Tactical Laser Tag and Archery Tag!

You know that here at Independence Golf Club, we're always expanding beyond the parameters of a "traditional" golf course. At the same time, G-Force Karts is expanding beyond the parameters of a "traditional" indoor karting facility. 

Sound like a great match? We certainly think so! For HOURS of OPERATION: call (804) - 418-1658 

Some might call this partnership a match made in heaven...


Come experience "Tactical Laser Tag and Archery Tag" at Independence... an immersive laser tag and archery tag experience different from anything else in Richmond!

We are confident this intense, fun and thrilling laser tag and archery tag setup will far exceed your expectations. Nothing like this exists in Richmond! 

What Should You Expect? 

When you first arrive at Independence, look for the custom "G-Force Karts" shed on the right side of the parking lot. You'll know within minutes that you arrived at the right place.

Independence lasertagUpon checking in with one of our attendants, G-Force will then pick you up (in a wrapped G-Force Karts van) and drive you down to our outdoor experience, near the entrance to the Par 3/Short Course.

After you confirm your time/setup, it's on! You'll walk into the woods, into the cleared 100 x 150 ft. area! 

This new tactical laser tag setup inundates you with intense sights and sounds which will put your "fight or flight" senses on high alert from the moment you walk into the woods! Choose from a variety of game styles and challenges, including all out war, capture the flag and more.

Plus, with G-Force's super modifiable equipment, you can hit one button and switch your rifle from a shotgun to a sniper rifle and more!

DSC_0093Archery tag is another experience altogether! Similar to dodge ball, archery tag has a very tight focus on precision marksmanship and teamwork. Don't worry... the arrows don't hurt one bit! The game itself is very tactical (just like laser tag), in that you only can shoot one arrow at a time before re-loading. You must choose your target and your strategy wisely!

Tactical Laser Tag and Archery Tag Pricing

Membership Pricing:


This includes a laser tag session, an archery tag session, and member pricing at both Independence and the main G-Force Karts location on Carolina Avenue!

Daily Walk-in Pricing

Walk in pricing includes 10 minutes of game play of either laser tag or archery tag.

  • Member Single Session: $8 per session
  • Non Member Single Session: $10 per session
  • 3 Session Rate: $25 for 3 Sessions (non-members only)
  • Unlimited (for kids only): $40 for 4 hours of unlimited laser tag/archery tag. Includes pizza and unlimited fountain drinks. A great option for the kids while you play 18!

Corporate/Team Building Pricing:

Standard Corporate Package: 

This package includes bonus options on game formats.  You can choose from either laser tag, archery tag or both!

  • 2 Session Corporate Package: $18/person
  • 3 Session Corporate Package: $24/person

We can also customize a corporate team building. Contact Megan Campbell (804) 218-5401 or email her ([email protected]). 

Corporate Course Rentals:

  • Hourly Rentals: $500/hour (with discounted pricing for multiple hours)
  • Dual Activity Rental: $750/hour-Simultaneous (laser tag at the woods course, archery tag at the field course). The laser tag area can host 16 players at a time, and the archery tag area can host 12.  When you choose this package you get both the woods course and archery tag course for each hour of your rental.

If you are interested in reserving a corporate team building event, please contact Megan Campbell (our corporate sales guru!) at (804) 218-5401 or email Megan ([email protected]). 

We partner with the team at G-Force on all sorts of customized team building packages, so don't feel as if our 'standard' packages are all we can offer! With years in the team building business, we know exactly how to work with you to get the most out of your team building time and investment!

Birthday Party Pricing 

Laser Tag or Archery Tag Birthday Party

Includes four 8-minute sessions of either laser tag or archery tag...your choice!

  • $31 Birthday Package: Four 8 minute sessions (either activity), Use of the Party Room 
  • $35 Birthday Package: Four 8 minute sessions + Pizza and Drinks, Use of the Party Room, Utensils, Plates and Cups

Tactical Laser Tag and Archery Tag Hours

14211959_1112436655498583_8463629888508755376_nG-Force is open only on the weekends at Independence. They will, however, run special events like corporate team building during the week, upon request.

Hours Of Operation: call (804) 418-1658  

Contact Us About Tactical Laser Tag and Archery Tag From G-Force Karts!

We can't wait for you to experience Tactical Laser Tag and Archery Tag at Independence!

If you're interested in booking a birthday party, corporate event or if you have questions about daily/walk in pricing, call G-Force directly!

Call (804) 418-1658 to get started!